KISMIF programs provide opportunities for people with and without disabilities to socialize together in friendly leisure settings.

KISMIF Foundation

KISMIF (Keep it Simple - Make it Fun), a non-profit 501(c)(3), Recreational Therapy Program provides opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities, ages sixteen and older, to socialize together in friendly leisure settings. Family members and friends have the chance to paddle a canoe, hike on a mountain trail, relax on the beach, or just sit and talk for a while around a campfire.

As the name implies, the KISMIF Foundation was established due to the limited number of programs for disabled individuals that specialize in recreational activities such as camping, hiking, water sports, and winter sports. The whole basis of KISMIF is to get back to the basics of enjoying the great outdoors while enjoying the company of others in a warm, inviting, and friendly environment.

Empowering Independence

KISMIF programs foster self-advocacy and personal responsibility as a means to gaining greater independence and self-sufficiency.In addition to recreation programs, KISMIF provides services that positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities, as well as address concerns of their family members, co-workers and employers.

KISMIF offers comprehensive programs and services including:

Independent living skills instructionInformation and resource referralsPeer supportAdvocacyTransition planningWheelchair sports teamsSocialization through recreation activities“No Trash Left Behind” Beautification Program“Buck a Bag” Fundraising Campaign

The physical activities KISMIF offers reduce the risk of heart disease & high blood pressure, improving stamina and muscle strength.

Appropriate levels of activity can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve mood, and promote general feelings of well-being.

The benefits of KISMIF have been well-documented and promoted through public health initiatives.

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KISMIF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

78 percent of contributions go directly to the KISMIF programs and campaigns, with 22 percent being applied to administrative costs and services.
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